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A tribute to Joseph Muchura

Updated: Mar 14

Joseph Muchura
Joseph Muchura

It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Mr Joseph Omondi Muchura, a valued member of the Teach a Child - Africa (TaC) family in Kenya.

Joseph joined TaC in 2011 as the chair of our Usigu Committee and quickly became an invaluable asset to our team. His contribution went far beyond his role as chair and he helped shape the lives and careers of so many of our students for which we are indebted.

On one occasion, Joseph persuaded his family to host an orphaned TaC student who was struggling in school and had nowhere to stay during the holidays. To our surprise, the girl excelled in her exams and is now attending university. A special thanks to Margaret Muchura for this incredible act of kindness!

In his final days, despite illness, Joseph showed immense strength and insisted on joining us for the home visits on Mageta Island during the form one selection. His resilience, hope, and humility will forever inspire us.

As we bid farewell to Joseph, let us honour his memory by embodying the qualities he exemplified. Rest in peace, our dear friend.


Teach a Child Africa – Kenya

13th March 2024

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