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How TaC is Run

How TaC is run

TaC is a registered charity comprised entirely of volunteers. We have no full-time staff, and our efforts are funded entirely by generous donors, based primarily in Kenya, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.


Our operations are supported by two active fundraising affiliates in the U.K. and Switzerland, whose hard work makes TaC’s on the ground programmes possible. In the villages of Usigu and Ukwala (Kenya), we have two local committees comprised of local district education officials, and current and former teachers who are responsible for undertaking student selection and ongoing day-to-day support for our activities. In January of each year, these committees begin the process of recruiting new students to start secondary school, based on their academic potential and home situation. Throughout the year, our local committees provide on-going monitoring and support to students, as well as a routine medical check during the annual gathering of all beneficiaries. Where we identify issues – with school performances, health, or family circumstances – we work closely with the school, student and family to help resolve the situation. Every December, we host an annual student gathering whereby all beneficiaries come together for three to four days of teaching, encouragement and counselling. During this event, we focus on preparing the children for life after secondary school, discussing the opportunities available in tertiary education and beyond, as well as educating them on health issues and relationships.


TaC regularly seeks external assurance – both to provide donors with certainty about our performance, and to ensure we regularly review how we work and the impact we are having. Furthermore, we have provided annual reports in recent years to a foundation funding 10 of our students, and sought independent student volunteers who travel to local schools in Kenya to review the efficacy of TaC’s operating model, track beneficiaries’ results, and make subsequent recommendations to improve our future performance as an organisation.

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