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Making an Impact

Making an impact

In January of 2003 – in recognition of the lack of state-provided education – the Government of Kenya declared universal free primary education. Whilst this increased enrolment in some areas, the task was far from complete. Of those who do manage to complete their primary education, very few are able to progress to secondary school due to economic hardship. In an effort to tackle this regional crisis, TaC was founded, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of “ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.


Today, TaC supports a total of 97 students in secondary education boarding schools across Kenya. They are part of 222 needy children to undertake subsidised secondary education in the region. So far, 148 TaC students have successfully completed their secondary school KCSE exams. 4 in 5 of our students have met the requirements to go to university, and have been able to join the handful of Kenyans going onto higher education. Both those who have gone on to university and those who entered work straight after school have had success in building sustainable livelihoods: finding stable employment or even found their own businesses. After graduation, our former students are invited to join the ‘TaC Alumni’ network, which allows them to keep in contact with other pupils, teachers and donors.


Though we have already improved the lives of a great many children, TaC recognises there is still a long way to go in fulfilling our goal of ‘Education for Life’. That is why we will continue working in the Nyanza province and beyond, until every eligible student is given the opportunity to transform their future through the means of secondary education.

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