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Franziska’s time in Nyanza

Franziska meeting several TaC beneficiaries.

Earlier this June, Franziska, a Swiss volunteer, took a field trip to Nyanza visiting a number of the children supported by Teach a Child – Africa (TaC).

During her trip, she travelled to eight high schools and met around 30 children. Her reception, she says, was consistently warm and welcoming, with students rushing to greet her then whisking her off for high-speed tours. She told us that “it was a pleasure to meet all those children because they were so happy, thankful and proud.” Franziska was frank also about the more harrowing aspects of the visit. “Most of the students have suffered a lot in their past and their stories touched me very much.” It was clear just how important it was to them to be able to attend school and maybe even, one day, university.

Franziska was blown away by the friendliness and enthusiasm shown by the children she met.

Franziska has worked tirelessly for TaC, assisting with project management, administration and school monitoring. For her, the opportunity to see the real life impact of TaC’s efforts was a really special experience. She says that the experience has “encouraged [her] to continue this work so that more children have the possibility to go to school and have a better future”.

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