Many of us can remember a teacher who inspired us with their passion for a subject. Education helped us develop our talents and become the people we are today. Yet for many children, education remains a distant dream.

In Africa, many children are excluded from secondary education because their parents or guardians are too poor to raise the necessary funds. In response, the charity ‘Teach a Child – Africa‘ (TaC) works in areas where there is a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS to enable orphaned and other vulnerable children from poor families to attend secondary school. The charity currently focuses on the highly affected Lake Victoria region in Western Kenya.

We pay school fees and provide uniforms and other essentials to help orphans fulfill their academic potential and escape from a life in poverty. In 2020, we sponsor a total of 97 beneficiaries in secondary school. 125 young people have already completed our program. More than 80% of our former beneficiaries manage the transition to higher education. 21 of our alumni have already completed their tertiary education. A handful of them have already found formal employment, while others have started their own business.

If you believe that every child has the right to a secondary education, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or religion, we encourage you to give a donation to help teach a child today, or sponsor a child for up to 4 year’s secondary education. The need is great across sub-Saharan Africa including in Kenya. With your help, we will provide a gifted child with the education and the inspiration to lift them out of poverty and give them a real perspective.

For more information on HIV/AIDS in Africa, please visit the website of UNAIDS: Data UNAIDS 2020