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Impact of COVID19 on our work

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Schools in Kenya are closed since April and are not expected to reopen anytime soon. Exams on the primary as well as secondary level are suspended for 2020, which means that our current form 4 students cannot finish their secondary education this year. Neither will TaC be able to recruit new talents for 2021, as Primary Exams are equally cancelled.

All our children were sent home, where many of them facing precarious situations in their shattered homes. Our volunteers are doing their best to be in touch with all our 97 students and encourage them to study at home where this is possible. As of 2021, we expect school fees for secondary education to go up, as class sizes will need to become smaller in order to comply with new social distancing regulations in schools. We will do our best to carry all our beneficiaries through this crisis and resume our work once the Ministry reopens the schools.

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