Dr Simone Haeberli (chair)

Simone got to know TaC during her time as an academic visitor in Oxford 2007/08 and was very impressed by the ambitious goals and professionalism of its founders.

From June 2010 to February 2011, Simone volunteered full time for TaC in Kenya. She carried out two evaluations of the project and monitored the annual gathering in December 2010 as well as the selection of the new beneficiaries in January 2011. She further engineered the necessary contacts to establish the partnership with OGRA foundation in Kisumu, the capital of Nyanza province.

Simone was so convinced of the worthy task of TaC that she set up a Swiss affiliate in 2010 in order to strengthen to the fund-raising and enlarge the presence of TaC in Europe.

Email: shaeberli@tac-africa.org